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Animal Cognition

Temas > 2. Orígenes / Origins > Human Cortex Evolution > HCE Precedents

Apes Like Humans

Smarter than an Ape - National Geographic Channel

PBS The Human Spark - Kids Are Naturally Altruistic

The Human Spark Alan Alda and Man’s Best Friend PBS

The Human Spark Brain Matters Kermit Loves Bucket PBS

The Human Spark Brain Matters Social Networks PBS

The Human Spark I Like to be Mimicked PBS

The Human Spark So Human So Chimp Chimps vs. Kids PBS

The Human Spark So Human So Chimp Monkey Business PBS

The Human Spark So Human So Chimp PBS Part 1-4 HD / 2-4 HD / 3-4 HD / 4-4 HD

The Human Spark So Human So Chimp Episode 2 PBS

Drinking monkeys bathing birds - Wild South America - BBC Earth

Monkey behavior Fun and games

Monkey Medicine Antiseptics

Black Lemur on Drugs - Cousins - BBC

Family of Mountain Gorillas - Cousins - BBC

Human and primate relationship - Cousins - BBC

Monkey Health Spa - Cousins - BBC

Silverback Gorilla and family - Cousins - BBC

Territory Battle - Babies on the Front Line - Cousins - BBC

Clever Monkeys

Clever Monkeys - Multilingual Monkeys

Clever Monkeys BBC - Hilarious

Dysfunctional families - the Emperor Tamarin - Clever Monkeys - BBC

Fighting monkeys - Clever Monkeys - BBC Earth

Monkey s bluff - Clever Monkeys - BBC Earth

Monkeys on the lookout - Clever Monkeys - BBC

Natural World - Clever Monkeys Part 1-6 / 2-6 / 3-6 / 4-6 / 5-6 / 6-6

NATURE Clever Monkeys Baboon Hunts Baby Gazelle PBS

Nutters - the monkey production line - Clever Monkeys - BBC

Breaking and entering - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Cute baby monkeys at play - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Lone male monkey tries to join a new troupe - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Monkey fight - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Monkey friends - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Wounded monkey and baby orphans - Cheeky Monkey - BBC wildlife

Animal Arts

Sam and Sasak sing a song

Animal Paintings

Cholla the Famous Painting Horse Artist

Cholla the painting horse - il cavallo pittore

First Monkey Ever To Play The Drums

Gorilla Drum Bonobo Dance Breakdance Musical Primates

Monkey Playing Drums In Dublin

Monkey Plays Drums

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